buzios5gBuzios — the most popular place near with Rio de Janeiro. Here you can get a lot of interesting things as a good beach, relaxe, diving, fishing and others. Buzios has a lot of differents beaches:

Azeda Beach - small beach with calm and crystal-clear water. You get there either on foot by a small trail that begins in «Ossos Beach» or by

boat. Azeda Beach is knowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

João Fernandes Beach - agitated beach, for fun, for teens. With many bars where you can enjoy lobster and other great seafood. Mostly visited by foreign tourists. Banana-ski, jet-ski, pedals, kaiak and also parachute. With half-moon shape, it is 800 mts long, as most of all with calm and pleasing water

buzios-0261Ferradura Beach — a beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay, with calm, crystal-clear water, served by numerous bars serving typical «Buzios Style» meals and drinks.

Geribá Beach — wonderful open beach, frequented by many beautiful and famous people. Perfect for practicing sports like surf, moreyboogie and windsurf. The place has charming, weird, fisherman houses besides big mansions, the sophisticated and chick touch of Geribá.

Azedinha Beach —  in the right side of Azeda with only 50 mts but not less beautiful, and certainly more pacific. Between rocks incites divers attracted by the colors of the fishes that exist in abundance.

Brava Beach — is not so crowded because of the big waves, but the favorite for the kids that surf. Surrounded by big walls of rock and creeping vegetation, it´s open sea beach and still preserves the wild beauty and crafty corners.

Do Canto Beach — with about 1.500 mts long is in the center of Búzios. Besides having many fishing boats the water is clear and calm. Not crowded because there are many weekend houses, pousadas and bars.

Das Caravelas Beach — small and very pretty with clear sand and calm sea, das Caravelas Beach has access through Búzios Bauen Club, km 12 of the road that joins Búzios to Cabo Frio.

Forno Beach — small area sorrounded by tupid vegetation and calm sea, wild image. Ideal to enjoy the sun in peace. Its characteristic is to have red sand.

Manguinhos Beach — its name comes from and old manga tree. The water is dark and with no waves, better for the sails sports. About 8 km long with shells in the sand.

Olho de Boi Beach — nudism beach that has access through a way in the right side of Brava Beach. Once there, nature got its best in beauty and loneliness and nudists can enjoy the liberty offered.

Ossos Beach — is the most famous and visited in Búzios, its name comes from the bones of the wales that were found long time ago. Small and pretty is where boats go out for a tour besides de littoral. There is located the Yacht Club of Búzios and houses with almond trees fences. On a hill in the left rises the historic Church of Sant´Anna, protector of the city.

Rasa Beach — with calm water and not deep is on the left side of Manguinhos Beach, there are parts with grass, surrounded by eucalyptus and typical vegetation. The constant strong wind attracts adepts to windsurf.

Tartaruga Beach - perfect to pass by. Together with one of the most beautiful views in Búzios, you can taste eats and drinks with pagode and young´s music. Obligatory stop of boat strolls.

Beach of Tucuns — distant of the city she is almost deserted. Its extension of 2,5 km is coated with typical vegetables of restinga that it is extended until dunes. Its waters are clear and sufficiently blue. Rustic bars offer tidbits.