3472177-gAngra dos Reis is a municipality located southwest of Rio de Janeiro state, about 150 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is famous for its coastline, consisting of the Bay of Ilha Grande. Angra dos Reis is a popular getaway for Rio residents, since there are plenty of nice beaches around, also estimated as a paradise and considered a discrete refuge for foreign tourists.

Angra dos Reis is comprised of 365 islands and two thousand beaches filled with natural beauty, legends and social events. It is located in the Fluminense Green Coast, between the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
To know well this part of the Green Coast, you must travel by boat, being able to see the crystalline waters, and the mansions of the rich and famous, erected on private islands.

The trips by ship in the course of the islands are splendid, and it is possible to buy souvenirs and other products from the embarkation.
Numerous leisurely boat and fishing trips are on offer, and most yachts have a bar at which you can fill the time between stops for swimming at beaches penned-in between clear waters and tropical forest; visiting Gipóia by boat, for instance, allows you a couple of hours to splash about and get something to eat in the Luiz Rosa bar.
83CAmong the oldest buildings in the  town are the Convento Nossa Senhora do Carmo (1593), the Capela de Santa Luzia (1632) and the former monastery of São Bernardino (1653) on the hill of Santo Antonio, from which there are great views of the surrounding area.

In Angra dos Reis, the climate is hot and humid, without a dry season. The mean annual temperature of the region stays between 24ºC, with maximum varying between 27ºC and 30ºC, and minimum between 18ºC and 21ºC.
Ilha Grande — It is the largest of all Angra dos Reis Islands. It has fascinating landscapes, 86 beaches with different characteristics, backwaters, rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, plains, mountains and peaks spread out over 193 km². The proximity between the Atlantic Forest and the sea is quite close and the paradisiacal sites are abundant. Many beaches are accessible only by trail or boat. The Ilha Grande Bay accommodates one of the largest concentrations of shipwrecks in the world, and is an excellent option for the practice of diving. The ocean floor presents a great variety of fish, corals and caves with sizes varying between 10 and 20 m tall.

526176-51245-1280Chácara da Carioca Fountain — Built in 1842, it still runs, and has five fountains. Legends tell it that anyone who drinks from the middle fountain can no longer leave Angra dos Reis.

Mambucaba Village — with little houses and The Main Church, the village also hosts a huge beach. The atmosphere is always joyful with music and ambience, several bars and friendly people.

Monument to Aquidabã Shipwreckthis is an obelisk based upon a stony structure under which rest the mortal remains of the crew of  Aquidabã, a battleship that sank in the coast of Angra dos Reis in January 1906.